Wednesday, March 20, 2013

let love shine

Tracie and Chris invited me to be a part of their wedding last year at one of my favorite venues in Marin County - The Pelican Inn at Muir Beach. Styled like a British pub, this cozy setting is a walk away from the beach and Muir Woods.  

When you're here, you don't have cell phone reception - that is priceless. Except when your second van full of florals is supposed to be twenty minutes behind you...that's when you're thankful you selfishly hoarded bridal bouquet in the shotgun of your van and you have all the personals in the back. Walk it off 'cause some things just work out.

Tracie let me do my own thing for her flowers - handing me total creative freedom. She did not have a color palette, nor did she ask for anything specifically. She simply enjoyed my work and I dig that. Kind of a dream come true.

Cheers, Tracie & Chris

Photography by Apollo Fotografie