Friday, December 23, 2011

Roses in December...

During the first week of December, Jaime from the Monkey Flower Group and I met up at my studio at Garden Valley Ranch with the intentions of making wreaths for the holidays...

To our surprise, we found some determined Roses still blooming in the fields along with some stubborn Hellebores begging us to play with them. We couldn't just leave them there to rot, could we?

Jaime created the stunning bouquet featured above using Honeysuckle, Hellebores, and gorgeous garden Roses. Jaime is a floral designer as well as a master of photographing flowers. I admire how she can capture their glow when illuminated by the sun and their natural color. She photographed our creations just before the sun dropped which she archived on her inspiring blog here.

The arrangement I made below includes Honeysuckle, Hellebores, variegated Sage, and a variety of garden Roses-pretty much everything I could find in the garden except for Rose hips (saved those babies for the wreaths).

We were amazed to find such gorgeous specimen in the fields at this time of year, so we did what we love to do...

Run through rows of Roses. Play with the plants. Squeal over our finds. Forage through the fragrance garden. Photograph. Photograph some more. Re-arrange. Photograph. And keep the beauty alive as long as we possibly can!

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